The Annual International Symposium
«Education and City:
Partnership for Success»
May 16—18, 2019
8 Sadovaya-Samotechnaya,

Sustainable partnership and exchange of best practices are vitally important for any field in the present-day world. Education is no exception.

Successful partnership between universities and cities provides new educational practices, improves social and cultural environment, and promotes development of educational systems.
Topics for Discussion:
Education quality
City as an educational space
Ensuring quality of distance
education in global setting
Second language acquisition,
bilingualism and multilingualism
Curriculum development: educational programs and technologies
Education leadership: theory and practice
Special needs education in a global scope
Internationalization of education
Urban space and education
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It is a great honor to invite you to attend the Second Annual International Education Symposium «Education and City: Partnership for Success» which will be held on May 16—18, 2019 at Moscow City University. Co-organizers of the Symposium are Dublin City University (Ireland) and University of Taipei (Taiwan)
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International Symposium 2018
Tintti Kirsti Kaarina Karppinen
Finland, Helsinki
International expert in drama,
drama teacher, FIDEA - Finnish Drama /
Theatre Education Association

Jian Liang-ping

Taiwan, Taipei
Professor, Chair of Department of Education, University of Taipei

Remorenko, Igor M.

Russia, Moscow
Rector of Moscow City University (MCU)

Levintov, Aleksandr E.

Russia, Moscow
Senior Researcher head of the Laboratory of Educational Infrastructures, Moscow City University

Mironychev, Alexsander F.

USA, Houston
Teacher, Houston Independent School Disctrict

Joe O'Hara

Ireland, Dublin
Professor of Institute of Education, Dublin City University

Koptelov, Andrey V.

USA, Houston
Assosiate Professor, Sam Houston State University

Parhomovskaya, Nika I.

Specialist in drama, producer, author of "Theatre" magazine

Dunaeva, Aleksandra O.

Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Specialist in drama

Andreeva, Olga S.

Russia, Tiumen
Head of the Department of General and Social Psychology,
Tyumen State University

Chighovskaya-Nazarova, Yanina A.
Russia, Udmurtia, Glazov
Rector of Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Glazov State Pedagogical Institute named after V.G. Korolenko»
Punchik, Veronika N.

Belarus, Minsk
Associate Professor of Department of Pedagogy, Belarus State Pedagogical University after Maksim Tank

Ustinova, Maria A.

Russia, Moscow
World Bank Consultant/ Associated Researcher at the Architecture Department of Technical University of Darmstadt
Iwona Agnieszka Massaka
Poland, Torun
Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun

Voronetskaya, Ludmila N.

Belarus, Minsk
Associate Professor of Department of Pedagogy, Belarus State Pedagogical University after Maksim Tank

Shamin, Anatoliy E.

Russia, Nizhni Novgorod
Rector of Nizhni Novgorod Engineering-economic State University (NGIEU)

Asonova, Ekaterina A.

Russia, Moscow
Head of Laboratory of Socio-Cultural Educational Practices Institute of System Projects,
Moscow City University
Ru Ning

Director of Higher Education Institute Nankai University

Logutova, Natalya L.

Russia, Moscow
Deputy Director of the School of Design,
National Research University The Higher School of Economics
Marianne Halblaub Miranda
Germany, Darmstadt
Research Associate Department, Architecture TU Darmstadt

Martin Knoll

Germany, Darmstadt
Professor, Head of the Urban Health Games research group

Pastukhova, Larisa S.

Russia, Moscow
Chairman of the Council Of All-Russian Union of Public Associations "Youth social and economic initiatives"

Arzhanova, Irina V.

Russia, Moscow
Executive director, National Training Foundation

U Ping

China, Beijing
Associate professor of the Department of the Russian language and literature,
Beijing Normal University

Medvedeva, Elena B.

Russia, Moscow
Leading Analyst of the Department of Museum Design State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow

Shiyan, Igor B.

Russia, Moscow
Deputy director of Institute of System Projects, Head of the Laboratory of Child Development,
Moscow City University
Tyurina, Natalya V.

Russia, Moscow
Head of the Office of projects in education and social fields,
Russian Information Agency "Novosti"

Lvovsky, Vladimir A.

Russia, Moscow
Head of the Laboratory of Activity-based Education Design in Institute of System Projects,
Moscow City University
Ivanova, Elena V.

Россия, Москва
Head of the Laboratory of Educational Infrastructures in Institute of System Projects, Moscow City University

Jin Aizhen

China, Hebei
Professor of the Chinese language Department,
University of Science and Technology

Akopyan, Gurgen A.

Russia, Moscow
Senior Researcher of Project Management Laboratory,
Moscow City University

Kovaleva, Tatyana M.

Russia, Moscow
Professor of the Office of Education Programmes,
Moscow City University

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